tin can soy candles

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These tin can soy candles are American made -- hand-poured in Burbank, California. They boast an 80 hour burn time with unique scents sure to last the life of the candle. 

CAMPFIRE - Enjoy the great outdoors and strong scent of crackling, smoky, timber.

COFFEE - Enjoy the strong aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans topped off with a splash of hazelnut.

GASOLINE - Ignite this adrenaline filled sweet aroma. Strong throw with sweet floral notes.

LEATHER - Light up this candle and enjoy a raw, yet refined, musk. Mild throw with true leather-based notes.

MOTOR OIL - Burn the midnight oil with this unique scent. Mild throw with metallic undertones of motor oil.

OAKMOSS - Savor the fresh scent of a dew soaked forest and crisp clean air.

SPRUCE - A strong fragrance of pine needles and crisp mountain air.

TOBACCO - Reminisce with this unique yet recognizable scent; a vintage quality of spicy tobacco leaves mixed with sweet vanilla bean.