wooden beard combs

rocky mountain barber

If you've ever used a plastic comb, you know how frustrating it can be to catch a snag in your beard or hair. This comb can withstand the rigors of pocket wear and the bending and stooping that is a part of your daily routine, while at the same time remaining gentle to your beard and never snagging. 

HATCHET EDGE SANDALWOOD COMB - The first and only beard comb to feature a mustache and side-burn precision edge on the head of the comb. Constructed of Sandalwood. Contour design, with fine and medium teeth widths, to ensure maximum coverage. Comes with carrying pouch to protect your comb and fits in your pocket.

STRAIGHT EDGE SANDALWOOD COMB - This classic straight edge beard comb, made of premium sandalwood, features both fine and medium width teeth making de-tangling and styling a breeze. Comes with carrying pouch to protect your comb from the elements.

TRAVEL AND MUSTACHE COMB - Crafted of pearwood, this light weight comb is the perfect mustache or travel comb. Its slim design, low profile and multiple teeth widths make it the ideal solution for on-the-go grooming. Comes with carrying pouch.