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disgruntled decks

Created by Combat Veterans, Disgruntled Decks is a card game for military service members and grizzled Veterans who enjoy laughing together about their time in the service. With a unique blend of descriptive language and military themes, Disgruntled Decks gives one more reason for service members and Veterans to talk about their shared experiences while having fun in the process. 

We strongly believe that humor is healing, and some Veterans still have a good amount of healing left to do. We hope to provide some of that humor with Disgruntled Decks.

Disgruntled Decks can be played by itself or used as an unofficial military Cards Against Humanity ® third party expansion.

  • Laugh at the absurd moments and inside jokes that bring service members and Veterans together!
  • 400 hilarious cards for non-stop soldierly laughs, but with enough general military humor to be enjoyed by all!
  • PERFECT for game nights, barracks parties, combating boredom in the field, passing time on deployment, and more!